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July 31, 2019

When I saw her step outside the elevator… I knew I had to have her. I stood in that one spot as everyone raced past me. When I finally gained my composure, I walked briskly to catch her, but she went through the revolving door and opened her black umbrella. By the time I reached the revolving door… she had disappeared into a sea of black umbrellas. She had managed to blend in when she had clearly stood out perfectly on her own.

It was Friday and not even the rain would stop my month-long birthday festivities. I buttoned my trench coat and walked to the truck as my driver opened the door. I sat staring out the window as the rain played a sweet melancholy melody. I leaned back into the seat and closed my eyes. This was my time to reflect and disconnect from the hustle and bustle of a sixty-hour work week.

“Where to Mr. Coji?” Yao, my driver asked. He must have thought I didn’t know he was talking in code to one of my brothers. This guy cannot whisper. I just chuckled and played dumb.

“Just take me to my usual spot,” I replied. He obviously didn’t know that I realized that he had made a couple extra turns on our way to wherever we were going. I felt the truck stopping slowly.

“Okay boss we’re here,” Yao said with a mischievous grin.

The door opened and I had to adjust my glasses because these women were so beautiful. I looked twice and I think I saw two of the same women… they were f**king twins.

“Yao, you are a sly fool,” I said under my breath as one of the ladies reached for my arm. She was dark-skinned and had a smile that could melt right through the coldest of hearts. The other young lady, who I am assuming is her identical twin then attempted to blindfold me. I hesitated, but I let her turn me around and I could no longer see anything. I could only hear Yao attempting to whisper among the other people who were whispering as well. It is funny how your other senses kick in when one is taken away.

I could hear at least three other voices along with the dainty footsteps of several women. I could also hear several other heavy footsteps, which had to have been some of my buddies who were apart of whatever this was that they had planned. We stopped suddenly after walking about one hundred feet. I am guessing that we were about to walk into some sort of building…