Fantasy Calendar

January 5th

National Whipped Cream Day!
It’s National Whipped Cream Day. Add some flair to your bedroom and blindfold your spouse as you use a trail of whipped cream to track your path down to their happy spots. Make sure you make it sensual and slow to tease them and leave them wanting more.

February 14th
Happy Valentines Day!

February 29th
National Clit Day!
Ladies, it’s your day…. National Clit Day. Tell your partner and make sure they do their job making your clit satisfied today.

March 14th
Steak & BJ Day!
It’s Men’s version of Valentines Day…. Steak & BJ Day. Ladies, fire up the grills, cook your man a steak, and you know how the rest goes.

March 25th
National Nipple Day!
Lick em’, Suck em’, and Enjoy em’ a little extra today.

April 3rd
National Pull My Hair Day!
Use your imagination.

April 18th
National Lingerie Day!
Get your sexy outfits out of the drawer and surprise your partner when they get home from work. Try this sexy outfit for Lingerie Day this year. Set the mood with all the lights turned off and candles lit from the front door to the bedroom. Work your magic ladies.

May 2nd
National Full Body Message Day!
Try this amazing Karma Sutra Massage Lotion to set the mood for today. Feel like your on a beach while receiving the massage of your life that will turn into head in the bedroom. Use this massager to take things to the next level.

May 16th
National Lollipop Day!

June 9th
National Sex Day!

June 28th
Handcuff Day!
Grab your partner and handcuff them while they perform an act of your choice. Make it extra fun by blindfolding them.

July 3rd
It’s Bring Your Toy To Work Day!
We think our Lelo Mia 2 toy would be a perfect match to throw in your bag and go. Just click here to take a look.

July 31st
Orgasm Day
Use whatever you can to climax to the top. Try the Up and Over position to make the most of today.

August 5th
Vibrator Day

August 23rd
Foreplay Day
We officially declare it Foreplay Day, take it slow today and focus on the fun before things start getting extra heated.

September 27th

Phone Sex Day

Plug in your phone, make sure its charged and sneak to the bathroom to call your special person and walk them through all the steamy stuff you plan on doing later today.

October 13th
Spanking Day
Pull out the handcuffs and the whip, you’re getting spanked today. Have your partner get extra handsy today.

October 30th
Costume Day
Halloween is tomorrow, so that means you need to make sure your costume is perfect… take it to bed to give it a trial run. We think this Sexy Teachers Pet outfit would make a great costume.

November 8th
Ass Day!
That means, adore it, kiss it, love it, because it’s the focus of today. Use the Shots Vive Zesiro to make the most out of today.

November 21st
Cuddle Day
Grab your partner and jump in bed. Make it a point to skip the chores today (and the clothes) and get as close as possible to your partner while intertwined with their body.

December 5th
Sex in a Random Place Day!
Maybe the fitting room? Maybe the car?? Maybe the pool??? Who knows

December 24th
Sex Under the Mistletoe Day!
We think this outfit would be perfect to wear while things heat up under the mistletoe.